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Harnessing the Power of Nature to Relieve & Prevent Common Health Issues in Dogs

By Candace T. Botha
Sarasota Pet Magazine

Natural Dog Supplements

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Natural Dog Supplements Natural Dog Supplements

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy dog, but most dogs don’t get optimal nutrient levels, especially when fed commercial dog food, and there are also chances for nutritional gaps when feeding raw or home-cooked meals. Vegetables offer a convenient, reliable and inexpensive way to fill these gaps. Carrots and Red Beets are especially good choices because they are two of the most nutrient-rich vegetables.

Carrots for Dogs
Adds Natural Nutrition to Dog Food
Helps Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments Naturally!
Olewo Beets for Dogs
Beets for Dogs
Adds Natural Nutrition to Dog Food
Helps Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments Naturally!
Olewo Beets for Dogs

Dogs cannot digest raw vegetables!

The vitamins and minerals are embedded in cellulose, a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest, NOT allowing absorption of the valuable nutrients.

Olewo Carrots and Red Beets are easy to digest,

Digestive dog food supplement

allowing dogs to absorb and utilize the amazing nutrition in these vegetables

Simply Rehydrate & Add to Kibble, Canned, Raw, or Home Cooked
Dog Food

Allergy dog food supplement
No more Steroids for Bentley
Dog Skin Allergies

My Beagle Bentley suffered terribly from severe skin allergies. He had itchy red skin and bald spots from chewing his hair out. His vet determined the allergies were environmental and not diet related and prescribed steroids to relieve Bentley’s extreme discomfort. He received steroid injections every 4 to 5 weeks for about a year and a half. Then a friend told me about Olewo supplements and I started adding the red beets and carrots to Bentley’s meals. After 2 weeks, he was less itchy, and within a month, all of his symptoms were gone! Olewo has worked miracles with Bentley, and I wish I had known about it before he received the steroids.
Jessica Anderson – Bradenton, FL

An ongoing Dog Diarrhea problem finally resolved
Dog Diarrhea

My dogs had issues with diarrhea since they were born and have been put on all kinds of medications by my vet to control this problem. It works for a while but then back it comes. I have been so frustrated trying to help them with this. I could not get any weight on them either. I changed dog foods many times, to no avail. Then I came across your website and decided to give Olewo a try. After feeding the carrots for only 2 weeks, I cannot tell you what a joy it is for me to write to you about the more diarrhea and we have weight gain also! The dogs are looking and acting so much better. Words cannot tell how grateful I am for this amazing miracle. I will always feed it to my babies.
Audrey Young – Noir & Blanc Border Collies, CA

Amazing Healthy & Shiny Coat with Olewo
Naturally enhances coat color, improves markings and pigmentation
Nola Shiny Coat with Olewo Nola - Courtesy of Amy Ruppert
Lakeshore Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club, Kingston, IL
Zara Shiny Coat with Olewo Zara
Courtesy of Bick Benedict
Lutz, FL
Ike Shiny Coat with Olewo Ike - Courtesy of Mike Laufer
Commander N Chief Rottweilers
Canyon Country, CA
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