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If you love this breed as much as I do, you owe it to your dogs to add Olewo to their diet!

"When my two GSDs Quendy & Brisko were young, I struggled getting them a good diet that would work with their sensitive digestive system that most German Shepherds have. Then I found Olewo Carrots. No more problems and they are extremely healthy! Great skin & coat, no more rashes or allergies, and no more digestive problems period! Their coats are so intense and smooth. Anyone with this breed who loves them as much as I do, owes it to their dogs to add Olewo to their diet!"

David Ritter, Loves Park, IL

2010 National Champion Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

"I have now used Olewo Carrots on all my dogs for about 10 years! I depend on the product to add fiber to their diet and shine to their coats. We have 4 breeds in our home (Boston Terrier, Lab, Great Dane and 2 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs) and they have all seen the benefit of using the Olewo Carrots. I have mentioned this product to numerous breeders and all agree that there is nothing else like it on the market! With litters on the ground, I love sharing my Olewo Carrot product with the new puppy buyers! Thank you for distributing this great product."

Cathy Scott, Glenview, IL

GDCA National Specialty 2011 Winners Bitch

"As a breeder and exhibitor of Great Danes, our dogs are always on the go. Utilizing Olewo Carrots, our dogs have firmer stools, easily handle stress of traveling & showing weekly, and are rarely ill despite the multitude of dogs they come in contact with. They have amazing shiny coats which require no additional products. We wean our puppies adding in Olewo Carrots to their kibble to aid in digestion, boost immunity and to naturally worm. We share the benefits of Olewo Carrots with everyone we can and believe every pet owner should add it to their pet’s diet. Consider us the West Coast marketing team!"

Melissa P., Califonia

"I have been feeding my German Shepherd service dogs Olewo Carrots for about 15 years. The dogs are extremely healthy and strong even in their elder years. Coats are thick and heavy even though they live in the house. Another important thing is out on the street the stools are solid and very easy to quickly pick up."

Les H. and present NYS Certified Cody, New York

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Why Choose Olewo Carrots?

Welcome to the Home of the ORIGINAL Carrots for Dogs!

Olewo in Germany was ahead of its time when it developed their first Carrots for Dogs, an all-natural dog food supplement more than 35 years ago when natural foods for pets were not common in the US.

Dogs actually need some vegetables in their diet because they contain many health-promoting nutrients, and many of those nutrients are the ones often lacking in commercial pet foods.     

The carrot is the king of all vegetables because it is the richest source of the pro-vitamin A carotenes. Beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant. Carrots provide a great source of fiber, contain excellent amounts of vitamin B group factors, vitamins C, D, E, and other nutrients such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and much more.


  1. Amount of vegetable to feed: Vegetables should only make up a small percentage of a dog’s diet. Therefore it is important to choose nutrient dense vegetables like carrots that provide lots of nutrients in the given volume of vegetable.
  2. Proper form for digestibility: Dogs cannot properly digest raw vegetable!
    The issue with raw vegetables is that the vitamins and minerals are embedded in cellulose, a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest, and therefore dogs will not be absorbing the valuable nutrients.  Most dogs enjoy eating raw carrots, but the chewed pieces simply pass through their digestive system without the nutrients being absorbed. If you take a close look, you can see the carrot pieces in the dog’s poop just the way they were swallowed.  
  3. Prevention of nutrient loss:  Cooking carrots for dogs increases the digestibility of the vegetable, however, the heat will destroy many of the vitamins and nutrients.  This is a big concern, especially with carrots because many of the benefits come from the beta-caroene, which is extremely sensitive to heat, light, and air.  Cooked carrots that resemble mashed potatoes are likely to have a very low nutrient content.
    Carrots start loosing vitamins and nutrients as soon as they come out of the ground and are exposed to light and air!  - This means that by the time carrots are bought in a grocery store and at a farmers market, they have already lost a percentage of their vitamins and nutrient depending on how long ago they were harvested.

  1. At Olewo the carrots are monitored while growing and harvested when their nutrient levels of the vegetables are at their peak.
  2. The carrots are transported and go into preparation immediately after harvest to avoid the loss of any vitamins and nutrient.
  3. Olewo Carrots are EASY TO DIGEST, allowing dogs to absorb and utilize the amazing nutrition in this vegetable.


  • Special Variety of Carrot: Olewo grows a special variety of carrot that is very rich in beta-carotene.
  • Grown in extremely fertile soil: While many of our soils are depleted of trace minerals, leaving our vegetables deficient of vital nutrients, the vegetables used for Olewo Pet Food Supplements are grown in the extremely fertile soil of northern Germany’s flat terrain. This means that the fresh carrots used to make Olewo Carrots have far more nutrients compared to carrots that are grown elsewhere.
  • Proprietary Preparation Method: Olewo has developed a proprietary preparation method of forming these highly nutritious carrots into a pellet structure that ensures maximum capture and preservation of the valuable beta-carotene and other nutrients.
  • Retains Nutrients and Effectiveness: Due to the special preparation method, the nutrients are retained until the carrot pellets are reconstituted with warm water by the consumer prior to preparing their dog’s meal. The dehydrated carrot product returns to a fresh food appearance with the same palatability and nutritional value that closely resembles the fresh vegetables they are made of.
  • Delivers fast and visible results: Olewo Carrots are so effective that results can be seen in just a few days after incorporating the food supplement in a dog’s daily diet. After just 2 days, the intestine lining is calmed, resulting in a quick cure from diarrhea for dogs with digestive issues, and Olewo Carrots will keep the digestive system healthy with continued daily use. Typically after a couple of weeks, thicker and shiner, smooth and silky coats can be seen, and the overall picture of the dog will be healthier. Olewo Carrots also provide long term results that are not as visible, such as increased antioxidant levels and a strong immune system, which also contribute to your dog’s health and help eliminate many of the common ailments. For complete Health Benefits and Uses, please see Olewo Dehydrated Carrots for Dogs
  • Trusted & Proven: Olewo Carrots have had such a long presence on the market and the product has been proven to be highly effective in the long term when given to pets over many years of their lives and even an entire lifespan. While you can’t trust many of the new companies and new products on the market because they have no proven track record, you can trust Olewo with the health of your pets. For more than 35 years Olewo Carrots have been sold in many countries throughout the world. For more Testimonials, please visit our Testimonials page.

While carrots in other pet products provide a source of fiber, they do NOT provide the health-promoting nutrients like Olewo Carrots do. Here are a few reasons that explain why:

  • Carrots in Dog Food: Kibble as well as canned dog food is highly processed and cooked at high temperatures that destroy nutrients. Some pet food manufacturers add dehydrated or freeze-dried vegetable chunks to the kibble after processing, but the carrot pieces are too big and won’t be properly digested to absorb the nutrients.
  • Carrots in Vegetable Dog Food Mixes: Vegetable premixes for preparing homemade meals by adding meat or chicken, contain carrots, but the pieces are too big and won’t be properly digested to absorb the nutrients.
  • Carrot Powder: You will find some carrot products on the market in powder form, either offered as a supplement, sprinkle-on, or vegetable dog food mix. While a powder form may work for some vegetables, it is not the ideal form for carrots. A lot of the benefits come from the valuable beta-carotene in carrots, and beta-carotene is extremely sensitive to light and air. With powder, the entire surface is exposed to light and air, and as a result the valuable beta-carotene will only be retained for a certain amount of time.

Reasons why every Dog needs a DAILY DOSE of Olewo Carrots, no matter what you are feeding:

  • Dog Food Brands sold at Grocery Store and Big Box Stores: Many of the choices made available to pet owners are by big companies with a lot of influence and pull in the media. They use marketing gimmicks and provide misleading information with appealing packaging and descriptions on the front of the bag, but just because a package is pretty and labeled as healthy, doesn’t mean that it is. The healthy and natural ingredients in those brands only make up a very small percentage of the food, and are stripped of their nutritional value when the food is processed. The reality is that those companies put their profits before the health of your pets. There is a disturbing rise of serious illnesses among dogs, and among the major reasons for this epidemic of unwellness is the general poor quality of commercial pet food. It may not be in your budget to feed a holistic dog food brand, but you should carefully review the ingredient list of the food you are feeding, and if necessary, change to a better one amongst these brands. By adding Olewo Carrots to the food, you will add the extra nutrition needed for your dog to remain healthy. For a medium size dog up to 44 lbs, it only costs 11 cents a day to include Olewo Carrots in your dog’s diet, and it will pay for itself because it will save in vet bills by preventing many of the common ailments.
  • Holistic Dog Food Brands: Holistic Dog Food manufacturers use quality human grade ingredients, but even if you buy what you think is the best holistic dog food available, the food is still processed and cooked at high temperatures that destroys many nutrients of the quality ingredients that went into this food. Synthetic nutrients are sometimes sprayed on the food afterwards in an attempt to replace those lost nutrients. Olewo Carrots are still needed for optimal nutrition, even with the best of holistic dog foods.
  • Raw Dog Food: Raw dog food that consists of just meat, or meat and bones, needs to be supplemented with vitamins and Olewo Carrots are the perfect partner to provide the additional nutrients. Some raw dog foods are offered as complete meals, but Olewo Carrots provide far better nutrients than what was added to the raw dog food to make it complete.
  • Home Cooked Dog Food: When preparing home cooked meals for your dog, it is very important to supplement to make sure the meals are complete with all the vital nutrients. Olewo Carrots are the perfect partner for meals prepared at home.
  • Meets nutritional levels established by AAFCO - Is it enough? Most pet food companies have their formulas analyzed and labeled with the statement that it meets the nutritional levels established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). That does not mean you don’t need to supplement because AAFCO only sets forth minimum nutrient guidelines, not optimal nutrient guidelines. If you want your dog to enjoy optimal health, be vibrant and thrive, you still need to supplement with extra nutrition.
  • Synthetic vitamins are not as effective; they loose a large percentage of their potency when separated from its natural whole food family. The WHOLE FOOD VITAMINS like those in Olewo Carrots are groups of related compounds that cluster in the food. They include extra factors like trace minerals, co-enzymes and antioxidants associated with the major vitamins and increase the ability of the vitamin to function. They are complete in the form your dog’s body needs them and are easily absorbed. Synthetic vitamins do not include the extra factors and therefore are not as effective and can even lead to vitamin overdoses and imbalances in the dog’s body chemistry.

In Summary, if you want your dog to enjoy optimal health, be vibrant and thrive, you need to provide the proper nutrients. It is necessary to supplement because you cannot rely on the dog food alone to provide optimal nutrition. The best way to add the extra nutrition is with vitamins that come from whole foods, like carrots. Carrots are one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables, but for dogs to absorb and benefit from all the valuable nutrients, they need to be prepared and given in the correct form.

Olewo Carrots is the ORIGINAL Carrot Product for Dogs, and the only carrot product on the market that allows your dogs to absorb and benefit from the many health-promoting nutrients found in carrots.

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