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Olewo products are available for wholesale to Brick & Mortar Pet Retailers only.

We do NOT sell to online retailers.  

Brick & Mortar retailers who also have a website and are selling online, are NOT authorized to sell Olewo products online. The products we wholesale are for in-store resale only.

Independent retailers can stand out by stocking and promoting high quality products that cannot be found at the big box stores, and wellness is at the heart of strong product sales. In an industry overcrowded with new and knock-off products that have no track record, pet specialty stores have a real opportunity to capture pet parents’ attention with Olewo products that have been trusted and proven for over 40 years!

Olewo products are all natural, simple and very effective. Nothing beats the real results of owners seeing their pets become healthier. Please visit our Testimonials Page. Happy customers spread word-of-mouth recommendations and make repeat visits to the pet specialty store that offers effective, natural solutions to the most common ailments in pets.


Step 1 Click here to complete the Wholesale Application Form

During the completion of this online registration, you will create a USERNAME and PASSWORD to be used for logging in to the wholesale section of our website once your wholesale application has been approved.


After completing the online registration, you will receive an email with the Olewo USA Wholesale Terms & Conditions and Internet Addendum which are part of the wholesale application. 

Step 3 

Please submit a copy of your STATE RESALE TAX CERTIFICATE along with the completed and signed WHOLESALE TERMS & CONDITIONS and INTERNET ADDENDUM.

Please scan and email, or fax the forms to 941-761-5188

You will receive an email notification once your wholesale application has been approved.

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