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Dehydrated Carrot Chips Horse - 16.5 lbs

Olewo Carrots Vitality Equine Feed Supplement for Horses

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OLEWO Dehydrated Carrot Chips are the perfect food supplement for your horse with all the vital vitamins, minerals and premium fiber from an all natural whole food - much more effective than synthetic vitamin supplements made in a lab.  Just a handful of carrot chips a day provides amazing health benefits such as digestive support and a quick cure from horse diarrhea; natural horse worming, strong and healthy hooves, and amazing shiny coat - in addition to strong immunity and overall vitality.  View Complete Product Details

Dehydrated Red Beets 16.5 lbs

Olewo Red Beet Supplement for Horses

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OLEWO Red Beets are made from fresh, premium red beet root with no additives and preserved naturally through dehydration.  The benefits of the product have been verified by a Scientific Lab to document the great, but little known qualities of red beet root which was not commonly known as a horse feed ingredient.  Used since 2003 in Germany and other European countries to add highly digestible red beet fiber for slow release energy and to remove toxins from the horse's system.  The anti-inflammatory properties in red beets support joint health and help prevent other ailments caused by inflammation.  Olewo Red Beets have been trusted & proven for almost 10 years in the US by top breeders and caring horse owners!  View Complete Product Details

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